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Stability Solid Timber Flooring is a single piece of timber sawn into a square block. There are movements in all directions of each piece of flooring, depending on how the piece is sawn. 3 Ply Engineered Flooringis more stable due to the cross lamination of timber that is used in its creation. This holds its form and reduces its tendency to twist and turn like solids.
Movement after Installation Solid flooring is normally produced to 10%-12% moisture content. It has a tendency to shrink after installation. This creates gaps and movements between pieces. Engineered Flooring is produced at 7% +/- 1% moisture content. This allows it to acclimatise to its surrounding environment. Thus, Engineered Flooring will expand and allow the floor to have a form fit which results in a neater and better looking floor after installation
Height and Width Difference Solid Flooring has a tendency to allow for Banana Effect where the height difference and off-square end joints create gaps and lipping. Bevelling is the most common method to hide these problems. Our strict quality control ensures that there is no lipping caused by height differences of the boards. There are also no gaps between boards as they are fully engineered.
Lenghts and Packing Solid Flooring is dependable on the source of raw material and is available in non-fixed lenghts. There is always uncertainty in the lenght composition of each pack. Engineered Flooring is supplied in fixed lenghts of 1820 or 2200MM per piece and is packed 6 pieces per pack.
Laying Solid Flooring is best laid by a professional. It is difficult for a novice to attempt to do so by themselves and tendious if not done professionaly. Each pack contains a set of installation instructions for customers who wish to lay the floor themselves. Each method of installation can be done easily by anybody to achieve a professional looking floor.
Finishing Solid Flooring come in similar finishing. We have different finishes to choose from depending on your needs or market demand, such as lacquered or oiled finish. In a lacquered finish we have different gloss levels and different durability (i.e. normal, anti-scratch or ceramic). For the V-oiled finish, you can choose from either white or clear oil.
Efficiency Solid Flooring is best laid raw then allowed time to acclimatise before sanding and finishing. This means that the room will take longer to be completed. Average time required to fit raw flooring is about 1 week. As Engineered flooring is pre-finished, you need not worry about the tedious, cumbersome and messy lacquering as is often experienced with traditional sold timber floors. Our products have a seamless joint with no unsightly bevel. Engineered Flooring is ready to walk on almost 24 hours after laying.
Environmental Wood Usage Depending on the species used, the whole product is of the same species. Our production encompasses the usage of renewable raw material. Over 75% of the finished product is from plantation species.
Environmental Wood Volume Usage Solid Flooring at 15mm thick may only reap to 60m2 per m3. Engineered Flooring uses timber more efficiently as the amoun of flooring in m2 is more per volume than solids.
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