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Water resistant laminate – Umbria oak – Berry Alloc – Ac4

Sale! Water resistant laminate – Umbria oak – Berry Alloc – Ac4  

Water resistant laminate – Umbria oak – Berry Alloc – Ac4

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Product Description

Umbria Oak is the latest water resistant laminate floor, latest design from Berry Alloc.

Water resistant laminate floor, is that true? Yes, absolutely! Berry Alloc is always first, unique and different to many other brands. Berry Alloc is among the best laminate flooring manufactures and is also considered as the most innovative company. Which always uses latest technologies to offer unbeatable quality flooring. A world known brand name, so you can expect the best of the best from our flooring range.

Riviera Hydro Plus patented technology make sure your laminate floor perform exceptional and will not be affected by water exposed on top of the floor. By using a top HDF-core, moisture and water absorption reduce to the minimum. With patented Lasercut technology, Berry Alloc laminate floor lock perfectly tight and with Hydro Plus coating. Water will not absorb into the HDF-core or damaged the floor.

Water resistant laminate floor is peace of mind for any rooms in your house, kitchen area and even stands up with wet dog or water spillage from kids or tenants.

Berry Alloc is so convinced about their quality and offer lifetime warranty for their flooring.

10 years warranty for residential / 5 years for light commercial use against water damage.

Made in Belgium
Dimensions 1285 L x 186 W x 8mm TH
Packaging Box: 8 boards – 1.91m2. (14.5kg)
Pallet 54 boxes – 107.08m2 (835kg)
Abrasion resistance AC4 - Class 32 – IP > 4000
Impact resistant IC2
Thickness swelling < 10%
Effect of caster chair No damaged or visible change appearance
Floor heating compatible Yes
Fire resistant Cfl – s1
Formaldehyde E1 (European certified)
Locking system Best Loc. Locking strength 850kg
Locking strength Long side >850kg/ml. Short side >550kg/ml
Residential warranty Lifetime / 10 years water resistance
Commercial warranty 5 years / 5 years water resistance

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