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Berry Alloc – Grand Avenue- Champs Elysees

Sale! Berry Alloc – Grand Avenue- Champs Elysees  

Berry Alloc – Grand Avenue- Champs Elysees

$85.00 $63.00
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Product Description


High Tech laminate flooring

Berry Alloc High Tech laminate collection is manufactured in Norway and overcomes all expectations to quality and durability. Why is this collection classified as world strongest and most durable laminate floor?

  1. Its unique High Pressure surface at highest possible level AC6 at thickness of 0.6mm.
  2. Aqua Resistant HDF core at highest possible level IC4 of Impact Resistant. The edges of the boards is impregnated with special compound  to resist moisture penetration.
  3. Silent System of attached underlay decreases noise in a room by 19 decibels. The result is a quieter room and significant reduction of noise transmission with the building.
  4. Loc Strenght which guarantee 1200kg/LM. Which mean you will not have floorboards separate.

Grand Avenue laminate floor are many times stronger and are lot more durable then traditional laminate flooring. Berry Alloc High-pressure laminate floor is a lifetime flooring solution for residential projects. Berry Alloc even provide 10 years warranty for commercial projects. We simple beat all on quality and price.

Welcome to come and feel the difference.

Longest and strongest laminate in the world, which stands up for all occasions.

Unique AquaResist HDF core.

In addition the edges are sealed against moisture penetration.

Dimensions 2410 L x 236 W x 10.3mm TH
Packaging Box: 4 boards - 2.279m2. (22.5kg)
Pallet 39 boxes – 88.725m2 (877.5kg)
Abrasion resistance AC6 - Class 34 – IP > 8500
Impact resistant iC4
Thickness swelling < 6%
Locking system 5G
Domestic warranty Lifetime
Commercial warranty 10 years

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