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Alpha Laminate – Oak – High Gloss

Sale! Alpha Laminate – Oak – High Gloss  

Alpha Laminate – Oak – High Gloss

$27.00 $20.00
SKU: Alpha laminate-Oak-Gloss

Alpha laminate flooring is therefore your first choice because our flooring looks amazing and most important of all: our flooring is reliable, hard and very durable compare to many other 12mm flooring in the market. Addition, Alpha laminate flooring comes with easy drop lock system.

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Product Description

Alpha Laminate

Alpha laminate flooring is our own brand name of 12mm thickness range, imported from China. Quality of these type of floor therefor vary depend on importers attention to quality and health. Our integrity is always to supply our customer products which comply to our strict requirement regards to hazard chemicals use in the manufacturing process.

  • Real density at 880kg/m3
  • Wear surface AC3
  • Easy drop lock system for DIY
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