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Flooring guide

Welcome to the best flooring guide i Australia

What you must know about flooring, before make a decision?

To find highest quality flooring brands is very time consuming. Not to mention to invest in a new floor is costly, since the floor is the biggest interior in your house. Another challenge is finding the right price and even better, best price possible. During research stage, you browse on the internet, hear from friends, salespersons in different stores gave different information. What is best and what is correct, is what this ultimate flooring guide will help you.

Which brands are reliable?

With our long experience and deep knowledge about floor in Scandinavia, you can expect best advice with most reputable brands in world. Most important, we promise to give 100% honest advice.

Our mission is always strive to offer the highest quality available in the world. Which means we choose brands carefully and only offer top quality brands.

Please let us seriously help you narrow down and put attention to the core components when looking for quality flooring. We promise always to provide 100% correct information and offer unbeatable quality floors and lowest prices. When we say best, we really mean best compare to any top European or local brands.

Which flooring solution should you consider?

  • Depends on your taste, the use and your budget. Budget is the main factor, which first help narrow your choice.
  • Then, what type of flooring is best for you?
  • Many advertise they offer highest quality, but who really are the best?
  • What colors is suitable for your house?
  • The durability level of each flooring options?
  • What is the right price?

Our wide flooring range will meet all your requirements and expectations above as beautiful finish, durability and value for money guarantee! Our company core values are: Quality, Price and Service! 

We certainly will assist you to find the best quality flooring at guarantee best prices.

  • Flooring is the biggest interior in our homes and also the most important surface regards to wear and tear. Many people spend a lot of time to find the right colors, but forget the quality of the floor. Remember always that floor you purchase must perform in the longer run where durability is very important. Since the floor is something you will live for many years. Wall colors and other things, you change anytime without spend big dollars.
  • Flooring comes latest in renovation or new projects and it is costly. Tight budget at last stage can affect customer’s choice and compromise on quality. Lifespan of poor quality floors often is short and major cost comes ahead for renewal.
  • We believe in European produced floors and quality standards, that “quality only hurt ones” and highly recommend reputable brands. Since you will always get high quality raw materials, floors which do not contain any hazardous substances. Addition, you are covered with reliable warranty covered by European manufactures.

We will below help you understand what you should know about flooring, before take a decision that you will be happy with for many years to come. With our long experience with floating floors and close relationship to our manufactures. Our integrity is always supplying top and unbeatable quality floors at lowest prices.

Price level of floor option, supplied price per sqm incl.GST:

                                                                                   Maintainance level  /  Durability level

Laminate flooring:                  Low – medium ($20-$60)     Very low                                     Very high

Vinyl flooring:                          Medium            ($40-$50)      Very low                                     Very high

Bamboo flooring:                    Medium            ($45-$50)      Moderate                                   High

Engineered timber flooring:   High                   ($85-$98)      Moderate                                   Moderate

Solid hardwood flooring:        High                  ($65-$95)      High                                             Moderate

  • Price for solid hardwood flooring installed, normally cost a lot more then all floating floors, because of needed preparation and finishing of hardwood floors is more costly.
  • Floating floors is a common term for floors which easily can be install quick with click systems (glue less) on top of preferred underlay. Addition, you can walk on straight away after installation and is the most economical flooring option. That is why these floors are very popular for apartments, DIY and people who prefer affordable finished flooring solution without compromising on quality.
  • Laminate, vinyl planks, bamboo and engineered timber is considered as floating floors, since they can be installed on top of any flat/leveled sub-floors.
  • Major advantage with floating floors is their stability, compare to hardwood flooring which must be nailed and glue down to timber sub-floor. Floating floor is also easy to replaced if you have a bad accident.

 Is thicker boards better then thinner?

  • We experience lots of customer think thicker floors are better and best. Unfortunately, thickness don’t necessary give you better quality or durability. Density if what you must give attention to, since harder floor will reflect the durability of your floor. Addition, the wear layer on top of the floor is a major component which will determine the level of durability.
  • Thicker floor boards is recommended for more uneven sub-floor.
  • With floating floors, sub-floor requirement allow in general 3mm differences in 1 sqm area.
  • If you concern 8mm laminate floor is too thin or can break, it won’t! this European 8mm floors is much stronger then you think. Otherwise this floor will not be distributed around the world, if they did not perform.
  • 8mm thick laminate floor is standard for majority of European laminate producers. But lately, they offer thicker boards with harder HDF-core, higher durability class and lower swelling ratio on their thicker boards. Which is a great alternative for people who are looking for durability and solid feeling under their feet.
  • Most strand woven bamboo flooring comes as 14mm thick, but the density vary depend on the importers order level of quality. The raw materials can also vary and the glue which is used to bond the floor together is important. With reliable materials and equipment, you will get a strong and stable floor as our Alpha bamboo flooring. Moisture content in the floor is also a critical factor, so you don’t expand or contract too much, which is worst case cupping. Please notice this that thickness again don’t reflect the quality of the floor, but main component must be in place to achieve high quality flooring.

What floor is suitable for you?

We still are working with our flooring guide and will upload more data soonest we can. Please contact us if you have not received needed advice or information about flooring. Thank you for your patient.

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