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Floating floor specialist

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Welcome to best floating floor specialist in Sydney.

Our flooring range comes only from world’s best flooring manufacturers. We are unique with water resistant laminate flooring and stock longest and widest boards on the market with latest designs. Our brands set top priority for environment, health and quality. This guarantees peace of mind and high performance for your flooring project.

Finding top quality flooring brands at affordable prices is a big challenge – and time consuming. At Easy Timber Flooring we have done the job for you and proudly offer only selected European flooring brands with reliable quality.

Our floating flooring brands have been installed in over 70 countries throughout the world including the showrooms and retail outlets of some of the world’s top brands including Mercedes, BMW, Volkwagen, the British Airways premium check-in counter Heathrow, Ibis Hotels throughout Europe, Quicksilver stores and many more.

Since flooring is the biggest interior and costly in most homemakers or businesses. Our integrity is to give 100% honest and professional advice to help you choose the flooring solution that will suit your taste, lifestyle and budget.

Easy Timber Flooring guarantee to supply unbeatable quality floating floors at unbeatable prices.

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