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Alpha Bamboo Flooring

Alpha Bamboo

Alpha bamboo flooring meet industry’s highest quality standards and consider as world best bamboo flooring. You can expect best quality bamboo flooring from us.

Extremely hard & durable

Easy Timber Flooring guarantee unbeatable quality Alpha bamboo flooring to lowest prices. Without spend much time and use gimmicks to make our floor sounds great. We simple offer world best bamboo flooring to residential and commercial flooring projects.

Easy Timber Flooring assures that Alpha bamboo meet industry’s highest quality standards. Our selected manufacture produces and exports bamboo floor to world biggest flooring companies in America and Europe. Which means you Alpha bamboo offer you the best from bamboo flooring available.

Since Alpha bamboo is our own brand, we control quality and select top quality raw material, latest technology equipment and best coatings.

Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to solid timber flooring, because it looks natural and is no doubt one of the most popular flooring these days.

Alpha means first and symbolize top quality bamboo floor for many years to come.

Your first choice!

Why Alpha bamboo is best?

  • Alpha bamboo use only top grade strands of Phyllostachys pubescens (Moso bamboo), which reach matured age of 5-6 years. Our raw materials comes from coldest region of China, with slow grow rate and low moisture content. These together give greatest density to our Alpha bamboo floors, which consider as the hardest and most durable bamboo floor available.
  • Alpha bamboo is hardest and heaviest bamboo flooring in the market, which means you get the strongest and most durable bamboo floor.
  • To give Alpha bamboo the strongest wear layer, we use 9 coats of German Treffert water base UV-lacquer. Included 2 topcoats combine aluminum oxide particles with polyurethane; we increase the floor resistance to scratch and to stand up with busy lifestyle.
  • Alpha bamboo use cold press method, which is more costly because baking time takes many times longer then hot press bamboo. Cold press method has more advantage like: consistent density, better stability, greater control with color variation and more resistant to moisture. At Easy Timber Flooring, we never compromise on quality and always choose production method, which give our floorboard greater performance.
  • Alpha bamboo has world lowest emission rating and meet E0 rating for formaldehyde. So your family and customer are safe with our bamboo flooring. Free for hazard chemicals compare to less serious suppliers.
  • With licensed Välinge drop lock system. Installation will be easier, faster and easy to replace.
  • Alpha bamboo comes with right moisture content of 10% +/- 2%, which is suitable for Sydney. If your environment have higher moisture content, then 3-5 days acclimatization is recommended.
  • Full-waxed edges help the floor to be more resistance to moisture and at same time reduce sound.


Alpha Bamboo Mocha


Formaldehyde: Certified low emission, VOC = E0
ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001: 2004
CE requirement & Carb certified
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

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